Kevin can be  seen in Seattle and Monterey County carrying an assortment of

Lomograph, Homemade cameras, Film, old school, and Digital cameras


What is Lomography?

Lomography refers to both the type of camera used and an attitude toward photography.

A Lomo camera is, to be frank, is a crappy camera.  We’re mostly talking affordable snapshot cameras like the Lomo LC-A, the four-lensed Actionsampler, the Colorsplash and Fisheye cameras and the Holga and Diana cameras. The best feature of the Lomo camera is its ability to take pictures in low light. This means you can use it anywhere quickly.  For this reason, lomography is considered to be the camera for documenting everyday life in its true form...

It has evolved into an international socio-cultural movement using photography as a creative approach for communicating with, absorbing, and capturing the world.

The result is a flood of authentic, colourful, crazy, off-the-wall, unfamiliar and often brilliant snapshots

**********all shots below were taken with various types of cameras including digital

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